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  • Tokyo Ghoul | | Kaneki Ken 

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    my mama always taught us to do this 👌

    I’m reblogging this because this could actually save someone one day.

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    Not an easy question for book lovers.

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    Some people are calling the cats on my blog “stupid” or saying they “hate” them. I can’t support this. These cats did not ask to be this way. They want to be loved just like other cats, they want to play and cuddle. I personally think other cats are better and nicer. But I do not hate these cats. It is not their fault.

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    There is someone out there for everybody.

    It just might be a goose.

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    This is the best cat if you like your cats to be really sweaty and footballshaped and disgusting

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    convert yesterday’s video to GIF animation

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    Baby: What is this otousan?!
    Laxy-chan: Can’t help you kid. Mommy’s orders.

    A little something for miraxus week and an advance happy halloween! :-)

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